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This package is offered for ages five through 12 years for beginning riders. The special price for this package is $150 for four 60 minute lessons. 


Safety procedures and personal attention provide a fun and learning-rich experience.

Each session is comprised of a half hour private lesson geared to the individual needs and level of the rider, and a half hour spent learning how to care for the horse before and after the ride. The special introductory lesson package includes the use of a horse and suitable tack. Please wear long pants, boots or shoes with heels, and arrive ten minutes early.


Once the rider has mastered the necessary skills they may move on to a regular lesson schedule.


Lessons are sold by the month, and cost $120 for four 45-minute private lessons ( $150 for a 5 week month). New riders typically begin a regular private lesson schedule once they have mastered basic horsemanship skills, and following completion of at least one Introductory Package.

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We are conveniently situated on Highway 99 W, just south of Monroe, Oregon. It is just 20 minutes from either Corvallis or Eugene. We offer horse boarding, training, and lessons, with exceptional care, a family atmosphere, and affordable rates. 


This is our mission and we want to share it with you!
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We are a small 10-stall barn that offers personalized care for our clients' horses. Board is $225 per month, and includes a 10 by 12 rubber matted stall, with a 10 by 12 covered run, blanketing, feeding, mucking out, and turn out (weather permitting). We have an all weather dressage arena and grass jumping arena, as well as access to a trail along the Long Tom River. 

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Barn Life

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Dyan Vorster grew up in South Africa and has been an avid equestrian since the age of five. Her original show pony, El Camino, carried her through many years of successful competition. As a junior, Dyan moved up to compete with her horse, Peace Again, in the Junior South African Show Jumping Championship. As an adult, she competed successfully on Peace Again, Man The Decks, Yarrawonga, and Hunting Blue, in Level 9 events in A rated shows across South Africa, representing her state in Showjumping, Eventing, and Show Hunter competitions.

Dyan obtained her English Riding Instructor’s Certification in 1993 and managed her own competition barn, Tally-Ho Equestrian Center in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The center provided boarding for 30 horses, and lessons for 70 students, ranging from beginner to advanced.

After immigrating to the United States, she obtained her Disabled Riding Instructor’s Certification in 2002 and taught disabled students at Hearts Adaptive Riding Center in Santa Barbara, California, before relocating to Virginia where she founded Williamsburg Riding Academy. She currently resides with her family in Monroe, Oregon, and is excited to develop Old Man Willow Farm & Equestrian Center.

Dyan rides Man the Decks in the South Africa Show Jumping Championships.

Dyan Vorster has worked with a number of horses over the years, from ponies to Thoroughbreds, schooling young horses and retraining problem cases. She especially loves working with young horses and has successfully brought on a number of off-track Thoroughbreds, retraining them as Eventers, Show Jumpers, and Show Hunters. Dyan will consult with you to tailor a training program that meets your needs.

Call 805.450.3403 to schedule an appointment now.

  • Training: $30 for a 45 minute schooling session.  


Hunting Blue was a six year old Thoroughbred of the race track that Dyan trained as a Hunter Jumper. Here they compete in the South Africa Show Hunter Jumper Championships.

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Spartacus is a four year old Thoroughbred off the race track. Here they compete in his first event at a local Oregon show.

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Barn Life

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Show Life

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Farm Vlog Channel

Trail Life

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